Academy of Finland  
Funding decision
Organisation Aalto University
Project title Structured silicon surfaces for optical neuromodulation and visual restoration
Applicant / Contact person Du, Mingde
Decision No. 340932
Decision date 03.06.2021
Funding period 01.09.2021 - 31.08.2024
Funding 267 720
Project description
This project aims at developing advanced retinal prosthesis based on silicon surfaces with extremely high-efficiency of light absorption, by taking advantage of cutting-edge microfabrication techniques at Micronova microfabrication center, Aalto University. If successful, this project will have a significant impact on science and life. For fundamental research, this project will provide a novel platform for studying the connection between neurons and addressing the essential questions in fundamental neuroscience, promoting the recognition of our brain. For a better life, this project will produce an advanced visual restoration approach that can enable blind people to “see” all the visible light and bring them back to the colorful world.