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Sökande / Kontakt person Kerkelä, Risto
Organisation Uleåborgs universitet
Projektets titel Molecular mechanisms of cardiac ageing, fibrosis and heart failure
Beslutnr 333284
Beslutsdatum 27.05.2020
Finansierings period 01.09.2020 - 31.08.2024
Finansiering 499 955
Beskrivning av projektet
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of worldwide mortality and the total costs of CVD, direct and indirect, are greater than any other diagnostic group. Ageing is considered the primary risk factor for cardiovascular diseases manifesting as a decline in function leading to heart failure. In the ageing heart, cardiac function is compromised cardiac hypertrophy, disturbations in energy metabolism, insufficient angiogenesis and increased fibrosis. Accumulation of extracellular matrix results in increased ventricular stiffness and disrupts the normal electrical cell-to-cell coupling and impulse conduction predisposing to arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. The aim of this study is to identify cell type specific functions of microRNAs and Sprouty1 in the heart and to dissect their role in cardiac ageing, and development of heart failure and fibrosis.