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Sökande / Kontakt person Levonen, Anna-Liisa
Organisation Östra Finlands universitet
Projektets titel Transcription factor NRF2 in lung cancer
Beslutnr 332697
Beslutsdatum 27.05.2020
Finansierings period 01.09.2020 - 31.08.2022
Finansiering 250 000
Beskrivning av projektet
Lung cancer is one of the most common and aggressive cancer types worldwide with a dismal 5-year survival rate of ca. 15%. The vast majority of these are non-small cell lung cancers which are genetically and morphologically very diverse, and therefore novel insights into oncogenic mechanisms are urgently needed. Redox-activated transcription factor NRF2 that regulates pro-survival genes has been shown to be commonly dysregulated in lung cancer. This project aims at elucidating the mechamisms of dysregulation of NRF2 and associated factors, its role in cancer cell-microenvironment interactions and the use of NRF2 status as a predictive biomarker for treatment efficacy and prognosis. The proposed studies will broaden our understanding of the role of NRF2 in lung cancer that has a potential to yield significant findings affecting its prevention, diagnostics and treatment.