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Sökande / Kontakt person Liikanen, Ilkka
Organisation Östra Finlands universitet
Projektets titel Grand Duchy of Finland as Political Space: A Conceptual History
Beslutnr 324778
Beslutsdatum 24.05.2019
Finansierings period 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2023
Finansiering 480 000
Beskrivning av projektet
This project studies the contradictory and contested meanings given to Grand Duchy of Finland as part of the Swedish and Russian empires. By examining the conceptual history of grand duchy in the context of broader patterns of change in European political language, it strives to bring a contribution to the larger international discussion on the genealogy of modern state. The project utilises the unique opportunity provided by new digitilised research materials and techniques to identify exactly when and to what degree attributes of modern state, nation and polity were attached to the concept of grand duchy. Simultaneously, our analysis will uncover new dimensions of the notion of the Grand Duchy of Finland as an evolving territorial concept and expose from below how it came to form an imagined political spielraum that offered a frame for strategies of various groups of actors seeking to challenge or legitimate power.