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Sökande / Kontakt person Laine, Matti
Organisation Åbo Akademi
Projektets titel Strategies for Human Memory
Beslutnr 323251
Beslutsdatum 24.05.2019
Finansierings period 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2023
Finansiering 480 000
Beskrivning av projektet
Memory training programs have become popular, but why do their effects appear to be quite limited? It is argued here that the reason for this is that contrary to current views that have seen memory capacity as modifiable by training, memory training actually elicits cognitive skill learning. In skill learning, one mostly improves on the task one trains with, as is the case with memory training outcomes as well. Another important aspect of skill learning is the generation of strategies suitable for the task at hand. To show that strategies play a central role in practice with memory tasks, the present project will examine the use and prediuctive value of task-specific strategies with short-term memory, long-term memory, and prospective memory (memory for future actions) tasks. Moreover, we will try out two novel memory training methods that build upon enhanced use of memory strategies. If successful, these training methods can be useful in rehabilitation and education.