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Sökande / Kontakt person Räikkä, Juha
Organisation Åbo universitet
Projektets titel Conspiracy theories now: Philosophical perspectives
Beslutnr 321903
Beslutsdatum 24.05.2019
Finansierings period 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2023
Finansiering 480 000
Beskrivning av projektet
While conspiracy theorizing has recently gathered attention within a number of disciplines, how conspiracy theories should be conceived and how they ought to be dealt with remain seriously under-researched questions. In the project these questions are approached by means of philosophical analysis. The research material consists of philosophical literature and relevant sources from disciplines such as history, political science, and social psychology. The research will be conducted at the Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History, and Political Science, University of Turku. Its results fill a gap in scientific literature on conspiracy theories and can be used in political decision-making related to eradicating harmful conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and disinformation.