Academy of Finland  
Funding decision
Organisation Aalto University
Project title Tuning cellulose nanocrystal/water interactions with designer cello-oligosaccharides
Applicant / Contact person Niinivaara, Elina
Decision No. 321801
Decision date 07.05.2019
Funding period 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2022
Funding 269 370
Project description
The ever-increasing environmental burden of petroleum-based materials is pushing the need for sustainable alternatives. This research aims to alter the inherent characteristics of plant-based, materials using a novel modification method. Due to its hydrophilicity the use of cellulose in industrially relevant applications is difficult as they require compatibility with hydrophobic components and an insensitivity toward water. The surface modifications proposed here will alter cellulose/water interactions through the precipitation of designer short-chain polysaccharides onto the surface of cellulosic substrates. The objective of this research - to be carried out as a collaboration between Aalto University and the University of British Columbia - is to extend the possible application scope of cellulose-based materials. The work will concentrate on model cellulose systems, namely cellulose nanocrystals, with the intention of developing a broadly applicable green modification route.