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Sökande / Kontakt person Ehrnström-Fuentes, Maria
Organisation Svenska handelshögskolan
Projektets titel Organising from the grassroots -territorial movements and their role in building sustainable futures
Beslutnr 317910
Beslutsdatum 26.04.2018
Finansierings period 01.09.2018 - 08.01.2022
Finansiering 282 081
Beskrivning av projektet
This project explores the motivational factors, organising practices and power configurations of movements that emerge in a particular place in response to local and global environmental threats and challenges. Drawing on experiences from both indigenous movements in the Global South and transition initiatives in the Global North, the concept of territorial movements is introduced as a distinct form of social movements where territory plays an important part of the organising practices of the movement. Based on four case studies in Chile and Finland, the research asks how these organising practices can contribute to systemic environmental change and provide sustainable solutions in the future. The outcomes are expected to connect movements and practices from different locations, bridge diverse ways of knowing, and create platforms for other communities and policy makers on how to engage in territorial movements elsewhere.