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Sökande / Kontakt person Fagerholm, Susanna
Organisation Helsingfors universitet
Projektets titel Regulation of immune responses by integrins
Beslutnr 315077
Beslutsdatum 29.05.2018
Finansierings period 01.09.2018 - 31.08.2022
Finansiering 539 595
Beskrivning av projektet
The immune system protects us against infectious disease and cancer. However, it is also a threat to the individual as immune related diseases (autoimmune disease, allergy) are on the rise. Integrins are cell surface molecules that are involved in immune cell attachment and signaling. In this project we will study how integrins regulate immune cell function and immune responses. We are especially interested in the role of integrins in cells called dendritic cells, which are of fundamental importance for “kicking off” immune responses. We will investigate novel molecular mechanisms that are used by integrins to regulate gene expression programs and restrict the function of dendritic cells in immune responses in vivo. Studies on immune system regulation are fundamental for our understanding of health and disease, and can also be helpful for development of new therapies to immune cell-mediated disorders and cancer.