Academy of Finland  
Funding decision
Applicant / Contact person Partonen, Timo
Organisation Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Project title Climate change and Health: Adapting to Mental, Physical and Societal challenges.
Decision No. 329222
Decision date 11.12.2019
Funding period 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023
Funding 230 056
Project description
The CHAMPS project aims to: (1) examine relationships between weather variables and mental, behavioural and physical health and related sickness absence and mortality, (2) relate exposure and vulnerability among populations affected by weather events to information on socioeconomic, demographic and health status, (3) project future health impacts using alternative climate change, socioeconomic and adaptation scenarios, and (4) work with stakeholders to identify appropriate adaptation responses in the context of broader policy goals. Novel results are anticipated on impacts of climate change on seasonal mental health via solar radiation, relevant also to other high-latitude regions, and on actions needed to reduce risks of climate change by targeting social inequality, with a case study in Helsinki. Analyses on issues such as sickness absence will extend understanding of climate change impacts beyond direct health effects to wider societal costs, productivity and quality of life.