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Hakija / Yhteyshenkilö Bednarik, Roman
Organisaatio Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Tutkimusaihe Sensorimotor Prosthetics for Future Interactive Surgical Systems
Päätös 305199
Päätöspvm 18.08.2016
Rahoituskausi 01.09.2016 - 31.08.2018
Rahoitus (€) 232 583
Hankkeen julkinen kuvaus
The FIRST project created foundations for our long-term goal, creation of what we call sensorimotor prosthetics, which are the substitutive and supportive technologies for indirect interaction contexts. These technologies are based on systems and intelligent models that enable understanding and interpretation of human action in specific contexts. We created prototypes of future intra-operative and training systems for microsurgical context, for example, sensing of suturing task complexity, spectral enhacements of microsurgical video, and intractive gaze-based control of surgical microscopes. The results of this project materialize as scientific publications, tools for data processing, surgical skill testing and teaching platforms, and as a physical training facility.