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Hakija / Yhteyshenkilö Ras, Robin
Organisaatio Aalto-yliopisto
Tutkimusaihe Nanocellulose Cyber-Physical Microsystems [CYBERCELLULOSE]
Päätös 295005
Päätöspvm 18.12.2015
Rahoituskausi 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2017
Rahoitus (€) 180 286
Hankkeen julkinen kuvaus
In Cybercellulose we aimed for investigating cyber-physical microsystems, including sensors and actuators, based on nanocellulose materials, in particular for application in monitoring air quality. We have developed a test system for controlling humidity and concentration of VOCs for testing the sensors. The key observation is that nanocellulose cyber-physical systems are feasible, where the first ever cyber-physical nanocellulose wireless sensors were demonstrated, and cloud-based operation can be achieved. This achievement opens the door for using nanocellulose for future low-cost, environment-friendly IoT devices in other application areas.