Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Name Hakkola, Jukka
Organisation OY
Project title
Tumareseptori PXR ravitsemuksellisessa signaloinnissa ja metabolisessa terveydessä
Decision No. 286743
Decision date 22.04.2015
Funding period 01.09.2015 - 31.08.2019
Funding 500 000
WebFOCUS Report
Project description
Nuclear receptor PXR is a protein specialized for sensing chemical environment. Several clinically used drugs and environmental contaminants activate PXR. Thus, PXR may mediate their effects to human body. The study produced new information on the effects of nuclear receptor PXR on metabolic health. In experimental animal models PXR activation impaired glucose tolerance. The was shown to be due to the reduced hepatic glucose uptake from the blood. This was mediated by down-regulation and altered subcellular localization of a hepatic glucose transporter. On the other hand, the metabolic state was found to affect the PXR function and PXR regulates a different set of genes during fasting and feeding. Based on the results of the project, PXR activation has a harmful effect on glucose and lipid metabolism and may therefore be involved in development of metabolic syndrome.