Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Name Lake, Russell
Organisation AALTO
Project title
Quantum detection of single microwave photons
Decision No. 265675
Decision date 08.05.2013
Funding period 01.09.2013 - 31.08.2016
Funding 255 095
WebFOCUS Report
Project description
Compared to the photons of visible light, microwave photons carry much less energy. This means that detecting single microwave photons is still a major challenge. However, measuring and controlling weak microwave signals is of great importance to society in communications, and advanced sensing applications. In this project we have developed a new technique to detect as few as 200 microwave photons at a time by the heat they supply to an electrical circuit. This result pushes microwave technology nearly to its quantum physics limit. With further improvement, the sensor we have developed may fully enable "photodetection" in the microwave part of the spectrum to support a new era of quantum technology.